🎁 New:
  • --output-file
    writes JSON to a file instead of
  • Trunk now allows storing any linter configuration file in
    instead of at the root of the repo, to hide the mess.
✨ Improved:
  • Arbitrary flags can now be appended to compile commands for C++ linters.
  • trunk-fmt-pre-commit
    action now only formats files that are modified in the index.
  • trunk init
    now writes runtime versions to trunk.yaml.
  • trunk upgrade
    now upgrades trunk, linters, and plugin sources instead of just trunk.
  • trunk init
    now asks the user if they want trunk to manage their git hooks. and if so asks to enable some useful git hooks.
  • trunk init
    now enables some useful default actions.
🔧 Fix:
  • trunk upgrade <linter>
    will no longer enable new linters.
  • Fix where action notifications sometimes would not go away.
  • Fix
    support in Plugins.
  • trunk upgrade --no-progress
    now works.