As promised a couple more features have snuck in along with a bunch of really important bug fixes and greater product stability. We are really appreciating all the feedback and feature requests we are seeing in the trunk community slack group - please keep them coming.
We've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work in this release. We tracked down some really fun edge case bugs that we just will not tolerate in our product.
🎁 New Tools
  • First Kotlin linter support - Ktlint. Look for broader Kotlin language support in the near future
  • Java runtime is now supported. In the next couple weeks we should see additional Java tools brought online
⚜️ Improvements
  • trunk check –sample
    now samples more consistently for more reproducable executions
🔧 Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue in hold-the-line’s handling of empty files
  • Fix issue where formatters would fail for whitespace only files
  • Fix issue where multiple issues for the same line from different sources would be incorrectly collapsed